Eye Witness is central Massachusetts duo Milo and Rainy. Their unique and dynamic sound has evolved from indie rock to “dark folk” to an experimental mix of the two since their inception in 2007. The pair are known for their engaging live shows that incorporate a myriad of instruments; electric and acoustic guitars, plenty of percussion, and the occasional woodwind or cello, to name a few.

Milo’s lyrics ruminate on themes of life, death, lost love, deals with the devil at lonely crossroads, and are delivered with an energy and earnestness that pay homage to the likes of Billy Bragg, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and Leonard Cohen. Rainy’s presence is felt in every song as she shapes and colors the music with her exhaustive instrumentation.

Milo and Rainy have enjoyed being a staple of their local Worcester music scene as well as playing all over New England and beyond. They particularly enjoy frequenting shows and other community events in Providence, Rhode Island, where they recorded their second album, 2016’s “You Are Here,” at the historic Columbus Theatre.

The two have been married since 2009, following a Johnny Cash-style onstage proposal at the famous Ralph’s Rock Diner of Worcester. They live in West Boylston with their two dogs, Lupe and Hercules.

How will Eye Witness’ sound continue to transform, and where will the future take them? Only time will tell.